The Rebirth of Your Real Estate Career Begins Here

The busy season has ended here in Southwest Florida and with that, you have time to look back at your progress, your production, and your position in the market.

During the 2017 Season we have seen a number of issues arise for sales associates and because of this we have decided to expand our team. Have you experienced any of these issues? Maybe worse?

  • An agent wasn’t being paid their full commission because the broker said “I have to pay the bills at the office first.”

  • An agent didn’t receive their bonus commission from a developer because there was a disagreement over what a “cash deal” was.

  • An agent’s buyer lost a $50,000 deposit because the lender would not issue a letter to the seller stating they didn’t qualify for a mortgage.

  • An agent’s seller had to pay for termite removal though they didn’t know they had termites and couldn’t have know to disclose the issue. The buyer’s agent scared them into paying for it.

  • An agent who earned a $65,000+ commission was chasing down their client for a transaction fee. How embarrassing to ask for a transaction fee on a deal like that.

It is not difficult to learn real estate law.
Though some brokers don’t have a clue.

It is not difficult to answer your agent’s calls.
Though some firms have a 200 – 1 or 600 -1 agent to broker ratio.

It is difficult to take a stand against people, groups, and companies that some brokers perceive as “too big to take on.”

It is difficult to get out from under the desk, pull your head out of the sand, and fight for your agents and clients when you are in the right and facts and laws are on your side.

It is difficult to truly know how to handle real estate investors and where to find the best deals. These deals aren’t on the MLS and they aren’t “wholesale” deals.

We work with the area’s best; attorneys, title agents, insurance agents, and mortgage professionals.

It’s time for a change.
Laws Change. Markets Change. People Change. Join a Company That Can Keep Up.

We don’t charge for E&O Insurance. We have monthly dues and/or splits depending on your production over the last five years.

Call today and schedule a confidential interview.